Fia Fortune is a home cook who grew up in rural Windsor, ME where she learned cooking skills from her mother and a passion for good food from her father, both transplants from Massachusetts. Tim Sample might say she is not a biscuit simply because she was a kitten born in the oven, but she is certainly more at home in the kitchen than any cat might expect to be, and she is equally comfortable in the state her parents chose. Fia now makes her home in Bangor with her boyfriend Ian, with whom she writes recipes and food-related product reviews on Forkable.net, and a small menagerie of felines, who often hope to catch a few delicious morsels that might fall on the floor in their unofficial recipe test kitchen. Fia tries to make at least one new (or new-to-her) recipe each week, and loves to work with new and unfamiliar ingredients, as well as try to find inventive ways to use the old stand-bys and new twists on perennial favorites.